Welcome to NexusOp!

In an effort to make you more effective and increase your commissions we have created this informational blog. You can come here to access videos, scripts and other resources to assist you in your sales journey.

As a Sales Support Professional for NexusOp, you are embarking on a new career that gives you the opportunity to work independently, be your own boss and dictate your own earning potential! We do our best to give you the tools and support you need to succeed, but exactly how far you go is up to you. We are excited to have you as an independent agent for NexusOp, and it is our most sincere hope that you exceed the personal goals you have set. This website contains the basic instructions on how to get started, and, most importantly, how to be successful.

We partner with many websites and companies that rely on the Sales & Support Specialists at NexusOp to deliver high levels of service and to sell the customers on additional valuable products and services.

Depending on staffing needs you may have been placed on one of the following campaigns. To get started just click on the link that corresponds to where you were placed.

To get started as a Rent To Own Specialist click here

To get started as a Customer Service agent click here

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